stupid feets

Posted by on March 4, 2008 in reiters syndrome | 1 comment

Grrrrrrrrrr 🙁

Not sure if I walked too much at the weekend, the reducing dose of steroids is responsible… or some combination of the two… but by FSM my feet hurt!!!

Index toes are swelled up again, its sore just to stand up. Frustrating isn’t the word.

Not sure what to do, the specialist is in 3 weeks, or ring the doctor? Maybe if I rest another couple of days (still planning to swim tonight) it’ll go down again?


Shall I keep applying for jobs?? I couldn’t wear smart shoes right now, it’d almost kill me. 🙁

UPDATED: Well, they’ve come to me, had my phone ringing all afternoon with people wanting to put me forward for jobs… so thats a start I guess.

UPDATED 2: Oooh look my swim plugin is working!

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  1. Keep applying – am sure you can get around wearing non-smart shoes and show them your feet if needs be. Who knows, they may have gone down by the time of interview anyway. Positive thinking eh?

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