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Posted by on February 22, 2008 in reiters syndrome | 4 comments

“I’m on steroids and thinking of starting a career in baseball” – Woooooooooo! Haha…. erm ok…

Like I said on my show last night, the steroids are making a difference… I can almost see tendons again on my feet… the knees moving better. My joints still ache, but its upwards baby.

I might be imagining it but I feel more… erm… edgy? Certainly the show last night was a bit more savage than usual, with more energy… I find it harder to get to sleep and I’m always awake (properly awake) within 8 hours (I had found I needed 10hrs sleep)… I’m glad I’m on a gently reducing dose for the next 5 weeks… I have to take the dose first thing in the morning and its GO GO GO from then on! haha… ut oh, I hope I won’t be doing a Matthew Perry (or was that tramadol? been there done that anyway…)

…moving on…

Got a gig booked in for Easter Sunday, feel ready to start doing more stuff (like swimming – tuesdays 730 anyone?) – time to sit down and sort out exactly what’s important to me.

Job stuff
Gigs + Show + Tunes
Self employed vs Employed


  1. Hello! I told you the pred would do that! It’s also very effective anti histamine, so no hay fever for you this year. Try some Valium, that helps you sleep.
    I’m going to see new doc today – hoping will be better on the slipped disc front! Speak soonxx

  2. Glad to hear things are on the up for you mate! 🙂

    Hang in there and smash the pasty of this reiter’s syndrome!

  3. Just don’t take any of those meds to Dubai- melatonin? 4 years in prison. Panadol+? 4 years in prison. Valium without a prescription? 4 years in prison. I flew to Jordan and Quatar last year with all 3 of the above in my baggage; didn’t give it a second thought…

  4. Great news that you are on the mend! Will have to try to convince herself to book a weekend to visit Bomo before the effects wear off as we haven’t had a good night out in ages…

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