at war with reiter’s syndrome

Posted by on February 18, 2008 in reiters syndrome, silly stuff | 4 comments

at war with reiter’s syndrome

This mornings visit to the specialist at poole hospital has meant I’m onto a new set of drugs. A reducing amount of steroids across 6 weeks, which, should… fingers crossed… set me straight… finally!

It’s been a long fought campaign… the initial salmonella, through the swollen n knackered joints and the seemingly disconnected symptoms… to this destroyer of all (hopefully)

the drug tank

For some reason, I’ve been chucking my empty drug boxes into a black hole next to my desk, I fished them out earlier and they seemed to fall into the shape of a tank.

(ok so maybe I moved them around a little after I got them out the black hole… honestly not much though)

Dread to think what that little machine o’ war cost me in charges!


  1. Nice tank there fella – is it not hole, not whole ?

  2. 10 points – which reminds me, I still have a prize for you somewhere!

  3. Ah yes the prize – any clues on what it is ?!?

  4. no… only cus i cant remember! I know where it is…

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