some progress, mostly frustration

Posted by on February 9, 2008 in reiters syndrome | 2 comments

Gaaaaahhhhhh :: pain type annoyed noise ::

The surgery or boots has messed up my repeat prescription, so I’ve had to go from the elephant tranquillizing ones down to ibuprofen for today and tomo… not good. (yes I could do a call out on my surgery but I can survive)

My movement is already reduced loads, at this rate I won’t be able to walk to the pharmacy on Monday! – it took long enough today and I had to stop on the way home and sit on the wall for a bit (if you’ve never seen my flat… it’s normally a 2minute walk).

It’s so frustrating!!!!

I don’t know why but I keep hearing a quote from a film (maybe pulp fiction?) “Feel that pain? That’s pride f***ing with ya” – I really want to do things myself but I’m approaching that point again where I probably should ask for help. Stupid Reiter’s Syndrome!

It’s affecting my sleep again quite badly which is making it harder for me to focus on work, although I’m still determined to finish the site rebuild and final draft for release on Thursday… more important though… I don’t want to be an invalid when I go see Lucy 🙁

Txt me (or comment… facebook poke me, whatever) say hello, help me to not go insane.


  1. What is this I hear? Sharia law is “inevitable’ in the UK? And the Anglican Archbishop said this? Well – looks like what I’ve been saying is now reality. It will only be a matter of time until the UK is ruled by Islamic law. So start finding a new profession Luke unless you think spinning the Muslim call to prayer 5 times a day will pay the bills!

  2. It won’t happen, he’s been massively mis-quoted and I think it’s healthy to have a debate about it anyway. The chavs n pikey would rise up and start a full on civil war first anyway!

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