here be monsters

Posted by on February 6, 2008 in silly stuff | 0 comments

Happy New Year of the Rat for tomo everyone!

The annual ridiculously loud firecrackers and “mummy, mummy I saw a dragon” has begun… it usually lasts for 3 nights (before, on and after chinese new year) round these parts… the local good chinese puts it on every year… I went a couple of years ago the meal was amazing!

Tonight was funnier though…

the firecrackers and dragon scared the living bejeeebus out of three winos who were sat on a wall opposite… ear-splitting firecrackers.. a 6 legged dragon and loud drumming. Damned funny. 😀

In honour of this New Year, I thought I’d have a new crazy look for aLUKEonLIFE… ta da… not 100% happy with it yet, but need to get on with some work and make sure I get the book out next week.

Also added some cool little social bookmarking type icons, if you want to know more about these I wrote a post here about it.

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