pick a luke

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pick a luke

I need your help… I’ve narrowed my choice of pictures for the book (about me) down to these 4… forget any imperfections (spots / light on glasses / background / color balance / contrast) – I’ll be tweaking the final one for use anyway.

PLEASE comment saying which picture you prefer and, if you want to, why.

pick a luke


  1. 5904 is perfect for a book author pic mate, suitably serious yet mysterious- has a confident look that says “I know stuff that you want to know”

  2. 5904 – You look confident and like you know what you’re on about. Essential for self-help books I think.

  3. 5904 all the way. 5908 looks like you are going to punch someone.
    Out of interest – do the image numbers mean there were around 5000 other images before these to choose from !!!

  4. 5904 because you look smoother x

  5. The Pob one! x

  6. I’m going to be different, I like 5927 because your smiling – your happy, but not so much that it looks fake (5933)

  7. keep it comin’ – marky p – haha no only about 30 pics, SLR cameras never reset image ID’s to zero. Hmmm shall i post some more of the funny ones?

  8. Not being one to go against general opinions, but I think 5908. There’s something about it I can’t quite put my finger on…

  9. 5908. Just because.

  10. Lew and I reckon 5904 although it would be improved by a cravat, smoking jacket and pipe. Definately not 5908, you look like someone off a crime watch reconstruction (no offence xx)

  11. From an older generation viewpoint, I’d suggest 5927

  12. VOTING CLOSES MONDAY 9AM. scores so far (and a clear favourite emerging)
    5904 : +5 -0
    5927 : +2 -0
    5908 : +2 -2
    5933 : +0 -1

  13. 5904. If you were giving me advice whilst wearing that face. I’d trust you. xx

  14. 5904 – always said it was the best 😉

  15. 5904 it is – see about me and yourereallynicebut.co.uk for usage. thanks to ravenworks (see link on about me page)

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