ground control to major tom

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ground control to major tom

its been a weird few days, on saturday i started getting side effects from the anti-inflamatories i’ve been taking since dec.

After consulting with nhs direct, i stopped taking them and contacted my doctor first thing monday, after a phone consultation (incidentally props to my doctors surgery, you can’t get an appt same day, but you can get a phone call, if you then need an appt in you go same day, a brilliant way of doing it) i went in for some tests, blood pressure, pulse n stuff.

The doctor then prescribed me some tablets to counteract the side effects and told me to switch to paracetamol – plus another prescription in case they didn’t have any impact.

By tues morning i could barely move, my left knee has now swollen up


and the toes on my right foot are so big they don’t bend anymore. 🙁


After much cursing i picked up my new painkillers tramadol something or other…

Christ on a bike! They’ve not done anything so far to counter the swelling, they have made the pain manageable… and turned me into a complete space cadet! Weeeee!

I’ve also now hit a milestone… I’m on my 10th prescription! check out these badboys:


So now its 6am, i can’t sleep (is this a reversal too of the excessive sleep i had needed?) i’m in bed with a moderate head spin pondering the worlds mysteries.

Apologies this isn’t another cute animal post – thanks for all the hamster opinions, keep them coming – but i needed to do something to occupy my mind… Hopefully i can now drift back into sleep…

Update: still in bed, dozed but no real sleep, just waiting for my morning dose to kick in, then i’ll be uploading the pics.

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