new years resolutions for 2007

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new years resolutions for 2007

One of the great things about having your own blog, is being able to look back to find things you might of otherwise lost/forgotten… from favourite youtube clips you shared with the world, to pictures of holidays and… dum dum duuuuh… last years new year resolutions…


Lets see how I did shall we?

1) Pier to Pier swim – physically this is quite a toughy, I WILL do it! (July)
– SUCCESS, raised £300+ and did it in 1 go.

2) Release an EP on a digital label
– FAIL – doh… didn’t make much time to work on tunes. One for 2008?

3) Australia for a month (Nov-ish)
– SUCCESS, wooo and a bit o’ thailand too.

4) Snog Cat Deeley / Jennifer Anniston or Jessica Alba (hmmmm)
– SUCCESS.. in my dreams… although I did gain a gorgeous super girl of my own (awww)

5) Buy freehold for this place – RTM company papers signed… on track!
– WIP (work in progress).. outside of my control one of the flats was repossessed, until the final owner is onboard this has to go on hold.

6) Buy another flat – this is a biggy, people keep telling me it can’t be done… damn you now I MUST make it happen!
– FAIL my choice though, I decided it was better to wait out the property market for a bit and ensure I wouldn’t be stretching myself too far too soon… another to consider for 2008… property market allowing of course!

7) Complete Master Practitioner NLP course (£2k… yikes)
– SUCCESS – Finished in Feb, without spending £2k either, tidy.

8) London to Brighton bike ride – Mr M did it last year… I’m with you this year chap! (June?)
– FAIL – Diary failure actually, stupid weddings…

9) Go to a football/rugby match – weird eh? Never been to one
– FAIL – completely forgot about this one, anyone want to take me to a match?

10) make Positive Link my full time job (re-launch comin‘ soon!)
– WIP – as the year developed my plan for PLink changed, its evolved…

By my maths…

FAIL = 4
WIP = 2

Final score = SUCCESS – FAIL = 4 – 4 = 0

hahaha 😀

Erm… is that right? I guess you win some, you lose some!

2007 really was an average year overall, I like that…

EDIT – or do I? maybe i was a bit harsh, to not buy property could be seen as a success as it could quite likely of been a bad move… the bike ride clashing with a wedding wasn’t my fault either.. hmm… maybe its a +2??

Ok lets make some for 2008… first the ones from last year I want to carry over

1) Buy freehold for this place
2) make *super secret project formerly known as PLink* my full time job
3) Go to a football/rugby match

4) Publish the eBook
5) Swim Pier 2 Pier again, beating my time (health permitting)
6) ………. tbc?

ah well, 5 is a start.


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  1. Well we’re planning to go to the rugby to watch either an internation or a club match, so you can break your duck there if you want. There are plenty of decent clubs to go and watch in north London and the Midlands, and Twickenham happens to be roughly the same distance from Bornemouth as it is from MK…

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