it is almost 2008 people

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Bugger… where did that come from?

I remember being a kid and seeing the date 2010 and thinking, wow… that’s like the future, with robots n video phones n spaceships for everyone!

Well… Asimo… mobiles (although video can be done, not really used much is it!?)… SpaceShipTwo launches soon to paying passengers… yikes, its almost the future little Lukey Williams!

You know what though… I haven’t got a feckin’ clue where next year is going.

I’ll be putting out the eBook soon… I know that much…

How long will I be creaky n ill? I dunno, still feel about the same, ankles still swollen, generally lacking in ooomph still. It aint gonna beat me, dog-nam-it!

Hmmmm…. new years resolutions?

1) publish eBook
2) Ummm… swim pier to pier (illness permitting)
3) Get fit?

odd… for me, not to have many plans. Still, that Maslow guy had it sussed din’t he… lets get my pyramid back in shape n off I go!

in other news, I got a letter from “public protection” at Bournemouth Council, being that Salmonella is a notifiable illness n that… I’m going to email them back with more details and hope they can help trace others who may/may not of been sick.

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