Bangkok pt deux

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Bangkok pt deux

best laid plans n all that… tour didnt happen, its now tomo.. so wandered off into the markets and stuff, also took a tour round Jim thompsons house (the US guy who is credited with bringing thai silk to world stage)

JT house3jim thompsons house2jim thompson house1

Lovely old teac buildings that make up the museum/gallery.. note the tortoise in 1st pic… which i hadnt noticed when I took it! (animals!)

triangle screenprint screen

You cant see very well from these pics, but these are presses for dying fabric, they have sections of wood that press out so they can dye more than one colour, clever eh?

thai silk7th century budda

Thai silk and a rare 7th century budda statue (or what remains of it)

Updated last post to include a few random pics, check out the retro buttons in background of the purple sweet bread (yum).. the geek heaven.. and stuff…

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