Bangkok baby

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Bangkok baby

Well, I’ve touched down in bangkok… despite the fact I always describe it as the most crazy place i’ve ever been… an assault on every sense… I’d almost forgotten just how hetic it was here.


Although this is my second time here, it was much more intimidating (the craziness) being tired at 2/3am and on your own in a country where you speak about 4 words of the language..

the hotels a bargain (not too shabby) and pretty big… I chilled by the roof top pool for a bit earlier and took a jacuzzi later on to wind down. Theres 5 restaurants and a small shopping centre onsite as well as a walkway to the train station, its smack bang in the centre meaning its easy to get most places and theres all the usual stuff on your doorstep… but… fairly noisy all day n night, which i’m ok with.

the roomcrazy purple cake
(the room and crazy purple sweet bread, note retro control bank in bg!)

Not done much today, some pool/book reading time, found my way around and had some awesome thai food – on my travels I found a 6 storey geek paradise, an IT market with gadgets as far as the eye could see in every flavour (they even had the elusive asus eee pc!)

IT market

Booked in for a temple tour tomo (there was only 1 thing I wanted to see but didn’t last time i was here) and I’m going to see a show next door thats highly rated by all the guidebooks… the calaypso cabaret (Vegas meets Ladyboys apparently!) – sounded funny and its literally underneath where I’m staying.

Hope y’all well, be back this time next week 🙂


  1. How much is the eee pc going for there ?

  2. 12,000baht i think it was… erm about 66baht to pound..

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