Bye bye Australia

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Bye bye Australia

Well this is it, my time in Oz has come to an end, I’m packing my bag and heading to Bangkok for 5 days, then onwards to the UK!

My last few days have been suitably random… from old school asia (chinese garden of friendship) to future asia (ASIMO!)… a nice chilled gig… a cruise round the harbour from Circular quay to Manly… some beach time… a bit of shopping…

Sydney HarbourSydney HarbourSydney HarbourSydney HarbourSydney Harbour

Pics from around the harbour… 2nd one is Taronga zoo… yes, all you can see is trees… its in there somewhere!

manly beachmanly beachmanly

Manly beach and high street

David Backham

Random thing happened, the ferry starts slowing down… three police boats are nearby, the channel ten news copter is literally on top of us… theres a nice looking boat a bit further away… then another chopper… turns out its some bleedin pom called David Beckham doing a photo opportunity… pffftt.. bleedin poms!

birdhungry jacksbbq

A cockatoo on a balcony… (cue pulp fiction quoting) it’s the little things that are different, over there they don’t call it a burger king, its a hungry jacks! (one for carla aka the burger queen).. and in a lot of pubs/restaurants, you choose your steak, then cook it on a big communal bbq, awesome! Its really social as you meet people and have a chat whilst throwing another shrimp on!


When I saw this, I had to take a picture! My good friend and kind host, Mr Ben “Benton” Archer

Springers final thought on Australia —

I can see why so many people move over here, it is lovely, like the good bits of the UK and hotter… yes, it has a few weird differences… you wear thongs on your feet (flip flops)… burger king is called Hungry Jacks (see above) and yes.. there are sharks and spiders and snakes and other things that go chomp, bit or sting in the night… but its a lively groovy place.

Am I planning to leave the UK… now that would be telling…

Take care of yourselves… and each other.

*** UPDATED ***

Here’s my thought for the day (MP3 from Emma Clarke)

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