Chinese Garden of Friendship

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Chinese Garden of Friendship

…and other cool stuff


These photos, or the weather, really dont do justice to how relaxing this place was, well worth the A$6 to get in.

ChinatownPhotos from aboveDarling Harbour

Chinatown, the exhibition “photos from above” and Darling Harbour

DJ trnsport

Maybe I’d get more gigs as a DJ if I had one of these cool motors!

If the weather doesn’t improve, I think our planned expedition will be altered.. 🙁 however, that’d mean I could DJ on sunday @ exchange 🙂 either ways a winner really!

In other news, the hotel I thought I had booked in Thailand turned out not to be… but I’ve eventually booked another… more on that saga at a later date.

Have a great weekend y’all… next time I’m online might be Bangkok!

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