Chez benton n random stuff

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Chez benton n random stuff

3 photos lurking on the camera, first up the view from Chez Benton, my second home in Oz… and then a pic of Sydney Museum… wow.. thrilling eh? 🙂

and the first thing I saw in Sydney, a Waggamama mini… hmmm waggamama’s…

Chez BentonSydney MuseumWaggamama mini

While I’m on the subject, THANKS to Benton for the primary Oz residence, collecting me from the airport and everything… thanks to Andy n Emma for the few days of chill time in their lovely (rustic bucket flush toilet included) “unit”.. thanksto Gemma, Paul and Lara for showing me a good time in Melbourne… shouts to Neil + Lucy, Felix, Kate, Lauren and all other cool peeps I’ve met out here.

I’m starting to feel a disconnection with Bomo… and whilst I’ll miss the weather, random animals, “how ya going?”s and the yummy choc/mint biscuits (think viscounts, without the wrapper and more minty), I’m looking forward to my return leg.

So what’ve you lot all been up to???

First up though, a trip to the bush/outback this weekend and then Thailand for 5 days, finally booked a hotel… well, i’m still waiting for my confirmation, but, cross fingers its all sorted…

thailand hotelRoyal Princess Hotel

Pics from yesterdays trip to the zoo to follow… took quite a lot so taking time to upload 🙂

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