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This trip so far, has been fantastic.. catching up with old friends, seeing cool things… learning about wine (hic)… Sydney, Melbourne, Hunter Valley, Great Dividing range… gigs… well now thats another matter.

Originally I had 2 dates set up with a promoter I used to play for in Bristol… they (he) dis-appeared into thin air.

Then I had a gig lined up for the first Friday I was here (kings, sydney), which clashed with my planned 4 day mission to Melbourne, so I chose Melbourne… then I’ve had the chance to play at exchange on a sunday with my old sundays at the terrace (and former flatmate) Neeeeil… I chose the hunter valley wine country expedition instead… this weekend coming I face another choice, camping in the outback with the boys or another sunday session with Neil.

Australia adventures 3 – Gigs 0

Slight tinges of regret I’ll most likely not play out here, but so what? Life’s too short, how often can I play gigs in the UK? What difference would it really make to my profile to of played a few places that most people have never heard of? Very little, how many times will I get the chance to taste wine in the hunter valley?? Or visit melbourne with a local…

Maybe this marks the start of a new phase. From when I booked my flights, its changed from playing some gigs and seeing friends inbetween to doing lots of stuff, seeing friends and not playing gigs.

“Life moves pretty fast, you dont stop and look around once in a while… you might miss it.”

(ten points for naming the quote… unless your name is Chris)

I chose to look around… and I like what I see.


  1. Ferris Bueller all the way !

  2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a classic 80’s comedy!

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