A day of culture

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A day of culture

The weather here isn’t great, so I decided to have a day of culture… headed to a the museum of Sydney, learnt about aboriginal culture and the history of oz… i realised I knew nothing, apart from we sent some convicts there years ago.

Then I took a mooch around circular quay, admired the opera house – very cool building. Spent some time in the museum of contemporary art, met up with Ben and Andy for dinner at a very cool fish place just outside the city.

Some pics I took today…

Sydney Opera HouseAboriginal DudeMuseum of Contemporary ArtLuke being culturedcrazy no smoking sign

Sydney Opera House (duuh)
Aborginal tourist trap
Museum of Contemporary Art
Me looking cultured – erm, well with glasses on anyway!
Cool no smoking sign at the railway

Off to Melbourne first thing tomo, wooop!
Love the no-smoking signs at the railway station, check it out above 🙂

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  1. What’s also amusing is the woman stood on the keep clear sign!

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