A Birthday Riddle for Carla and Stu

Posted by on November 3, 2007 in general thoughts | 4 comments

feel free to comment with suggestions…

within the box of happy goodbyes, birthday cards for you both lie

sorry I won’t be there for your birthdays guys, drinkies when I get back!!!


  1. Luke its only my big 3 oh!!! Would’ve been nice to see u where ever it is but i know uve been there for many of my others. Have fun in OZ mate. Stuart

  2. Can I have another clue please??

  3. 15mins to say cheerio!! God im good!!

    + very drunk carla says cheerio.

  4. I’d love to of seen you, james and a drunk carla randoming around my flat going… “what the hell is a box of happy goodbyes??” 🙂

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