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I’m writing this from my mobile on a bus into london, headed to my gig tonight.

The journey started as normal.. Apart from the driver sticking on ratatouie, an unexpected bonus.. When i looked out the window i realised we were way off route and i had no idea where we were, for some reason i found it hard not to think thoughts like, ‘what if i’m on the wrong bus’.. ‘what if the drivers going the wrong way and noones told him, should i ask?’..

Why couldn’t i just accept the driver was taking a big devour to avoid heavy traffic on M3 (which is the only logical conclusion).

Does this make me a control freak??

The feeling of being stuck on a bus, with no idea where it was i found really unsettling, silly really. On the plus side, when the film finished (thumbs up btw) i remembered i had some ear plugs in my record bag to lessen the noise from other passengers 🙂

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