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I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself today, I ache and had my jabs this morning for Thailand… so now my left arm is dead too, ow. 🙁

Generally though, I think I’m quite possibly at my fittest ever! I’m training/exercising 3 or 4 times a week using a combination of Simplefit and Crossfit, if you’ve not come across either of these let me explain a few key things… they’re both home based, require minimal kit and focus on variation (especially crossfit!) so suits me fine.

If you were looking for a good way to kick start a general fitness regime, I’d strongly recommend you check out Simplefit – the only kit you need is a chin up bar, its all based on exercises that use your bodyweight alone (sit ups, press ups etc.) and has a good, easy to follow progression as you get fitter.

Once you get a bit more hardcore, move to THE fitness regime cage fighters and special forces use… no really, from all the reading I’ve done, it seems Crossfit is aimed at overall strength/fitness and stamina for more hardcore types… I like it because its really varied… includes swimming/biking too. I’ll be honest, I’m not quite up to WOD level (see site) yet, but I’m getting there!

As both of these sites will tell you, its also about diet.. I made massive strides in this area earlier in the year whilst preparing for the swim, now I’m training harder I am also having a protein/vitamin shake thing every morning… tbh mainly ‘cus it’s chocolate flavour though. 🙂

EDIT – I should add, props to PowerHouse for the speedy delivery, good customer service and great prices for my last lot of kit (and protein mix) – highly recommended


  1. Which chocolate protein/vitamin shake do you induldge in good sir?

  2. hahaha…. um… the comedicly named ProMax from Maximuscle, shop around though price of it varies loads! The other Luke swears by MetRx, he probably knows more than me.


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