How does technology make me happy and frustrated?

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How does technology make me happy and frustrated?

Its in-animate for fecks sake! hahaha

I was always amused by people who talk to their kit like they have a relationship, I’ll never forget this lady (about 50) I worked with once who I overheard say roughly the following:

“Oh go on, if you just print this letter for me on the right paper, I’ll get you that fuser roller thing you keep asking for..”


Isn’t it frustrating when something doesn’t work though! grrrr… after an annoying encounter, that should of been simple, I was left thinking why do you feel like that? Is it some macho thing, I don’t like being beaten by a machine? (sometimes, sure)… Is it anger that its wasting your time perhaps? (Def sometimes)… often isn’t it really the case that, well… not that we’d admit publicly, but human error.

I wanted to print a picture off my mobile using a kiosk thing that said I could bluetooth it to it, would it work… no. Gave up after 3 attempts. Pity, such a great idea (and only 10p a print!) but if I can’t get it to work with a Nokia phone, what chance do most people have? (ok, ok… big headed, but I reckon I’m more technologically able than most) – The other option is to insert an SD card, mine is a mini SD so I’ve gone home to transfer (via PC and digital camera) the pics to try again later… pity, as a geek being able to bluetooth my pics to a kiosk and print them for 10p seemed well cool!

And now to technology making me happy… presenting my new laptop… yes, I boringly went for a Windows one… in the end, it was form factor, cost + battery life that made the decision.

Samsung Q35

The Samsung Q35 “ultra-portable notebook”, weighs less than 2kg (inc batt) will run for 6hrs and was only just above my budget. The only other laptops that made it to my short list were the Philips X series (a quick google says spares are non-existant and that they’re not well made) and the Asus Eee PC which came a close second. The true geek in me wanted the Asus, it runs Linux, boots in 7seconds and has no moving parts (solid state disc) – the downside being its a 7inch screen, which is a bit small… its mailorder only (and I like to know I can type on a keyboard) and its not out yet… although its due anyday… the big plus side? Its £200!!! Has open office, firefox and skype installed.

In other news, I’ve stepped up a gear in lots of areas in the last week.. the main one being my home gym (of sorts)… or rather the lack of, 2x3Kg weights doesn’t really count. I’ve pulled my finger out of my proverbial bottom and ordered some kit so I can follow a more intense program (chin up bar/push up stand thing, a stretchy toning band whodyaflip and a few other bits)…


I’ve got past that manly barrier of not going to the medical profession unless somethings falling of, itchy, or smells bad! I got my foot checked out (needs an x-ray), optician for an eye test on Thursday and the dentist next week!! For those of you that no me well, this is no mean feat!

Anyway… back to my shiny new toy… sorry I mean, ultra-portable productivity platform… ahhh, who am I kidding, its my new shiny gadget mistress… come sit on my lap baby. 🙂



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