the laptop dilemma

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the laptop dilemma

ok, seeing how the old one is sadly no more (r.i.p. lappy) and I have some projects that require me to work from places other than home… it’s time to purchase a new one…

but what to buy???

windows vs ubuntu vs mac

All I need it for really is to run Open Office, so the spec can be low… BUT I need good battery life (maybe a solar power charger?)… it doesn’t even really need a dvd/cd burner as data will be kept on a usb key at all times… hmmm…

Stick with Windows (Vista) and the mutliple basic/sub notebooks… kinda dull but gives lots of options… learn to use Unix (which I’d been planning to install on the old lappy prior to its demise!) which will require some time, but OO is largely the same… and I don’t need it to do much (Dell Ubuntu laptops start around £400 for the ones with bigger battery) or maybe even a MacBook!? I remember someone telling me they had good batt life…

HELP!!! Marc, marky p, tom… I’m sure you 3 will have an opinion on this one!


  1. Morning Mr Williams,

    I say go with the Macbook – once you go mac you won’t look back ! I use my macbook daily at work now, it has Paralells installed with Windows XP so I can run any windows apps if need be – you can even install Linux as a third OS. Battery lasts well, however you do pay more for the mac – however I have the black mac book and it runs multiple CS3 apps, Firefox, Parallels all without any slowdown. I suppose it depends on how much your willing to spend as well ?

  2. I also forgot to add that as I use XP and OSX daily together now my hatred for XP grows bigger as each day passes !!!

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