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Nope, not a “life is pants” post.

I’ve always been a boxer man myself. Thanks to an un-planned trip to Nottingham, after going to a wedding in Colchester (600 mile round trip anyone?)… I found myself with the need to purchase a change of clothes (well… pants, socks and a Tshirt anyway). Not wanting to waste much time, I did a trolley dash type thing through H&M.

Spotted a nice T-shirt, winner. Grabbed a 4 pack o’ socks, score and what I thought was boxers, result.

Nope. Some weird, man pant thing!

Initial disgust turned into reluctant acceptance… and then surprise as I actually quite liked them.

On reflection, its not really that cool to have been wearing Marks n Sparks boxers since forever… the transformation from geeky kid to growed up adult cool man is almost complete!


  1. As a fellow boxer wearer my question to you sir is : Are things not more ‘compacted’ in pants ?

  2. to a surprisingly much lesser extent than expected

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