the plans

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the plans

…are really falling together. A few key things I’ve put in motion recently are really starting to fall into a cohesive plan, wooooooooo!

Thinking about it, if you only knew bits of what I was doing.. it probably looks even more random than it actually is. That said, sometimes I envy those with more conventional lives and working patterns.

I also think sometimes, I’m too hard on myself… and others not disciplined enough. I felt like I hadn’t done much in the year until I sat down and thought about the things I had done.

Look out for the visible signs of these projects coming real soon… an ebook, a couple of tunes, the trip to oz and a new blog based project (very exciting).

Hope y’all well, sorry its been a while since I posted… a radio show, a big night out, 2 groovy gigs, a studio trip to london and… here we are!

updated: the new n improved bailey-ville studios in Londinium
bailey-ville studios

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