fasten your seatbelts

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fasten your seatbelts

This is your captain speaking, we’re expecting a certain level of turbulence ahead, please remain in your seats with your seatbelt securely fastened until further notice. Thank you.

fasten your seatbelt

A lot of things are not right at the moment, a lot of things are changing at the moment, round and round it goes… where it stops, nobody knows… not yet anyway. hmmm.

*mood – reflective*

anyway… things I’m doing to rectify the situation:

1) deliberation – taking stock and time to plan.
2) organisation – I’m moving towards a GTD system (one inbox and a proper process)
3) integration – making better use of XML, RSS and other “web 2.0” things to tighten up my online world.

  • YouTube videos posting straight here (never got round to setting up the api/xmlrpc thing)
  • using RSS feeds for blogs I read to stop my wandering around the net
  • setting igoogle as my homepage
  • using igoogle as my one stop inbox (calendar/to do/rss feeds… again!)

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