RIP Lappy m’ old chum

Posted by on August 16, 2007 in general thoughts | 1 comment

It’s been in retirement for some time now, but I think its in terminal decline now 🙁

I dug it out to have a play with ubuntu (linux), the hinge had always been a bit funny but after it’d been on a couple of hours… with a very unhealthy sounding CD-rom drive, the hinge made a very nasty cracking noise as I folded it shut.

Pity. I really wanted to get my head into ubuntu/linux. Ah well, its not like I had any data left on it or really used it… still, was handy when I needed to send a fax last week!

Might have a go with a screwdriver n see if it has any legs left, although without a working drive, installing ubuntu could be fun!

On closer inspection, part of the hinge is broken… doh. cd-drive doesn’t seem to read at all either.

Rust In Piece old chum.

1 Comment

  1. Always sad to see technology pass away… do you plan to flush it down the toilet or bury it in your garden ?

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