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The swims done, I did what I set out to: swim it in one go. Caught the sun a bit, which was kinda nice, given the weather recently!

The bigger news to me is that my mum and her friend came down for a few days holiday and have had to book another night in their hotel as the floods had cut off the village where they live on sunday (although it’s passable again today).

one of the main roads in the centre of town in Hereford now looks like this (widemarsh street):
floods in hereford

The normal route back goes via Gloucester… erm… nope don’t think thats a good idea… we spent part of this morning looking at possible alternate routes for tommorow which should be clear. I’m finding it hard to take in the scale of the floods, you see muddy fields on the news, I recognize so many places having driven through them for years and it’s so large its incredible.

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