dear facebookers – social network overload

Posted by on June 28, 2007 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I’m getting about 1 invite a day to facebook at the moment and in line with my attempts to reduce the time i waste online i’ve decided i won’t be signing up.

It doesn’t mean i don’t want to be your friend it just means i’m social networked out! (same applies to bebo, friendster, tagged and all the other ones!)

The time factor being the main reason, plus the fact you can find me on:
linkedin (a business social network, link on the right)…
For photos i’m on dontstayin (and general clubbing stuff)
and for music i’m on myspace.

Oh yeah i forgot a few… i’m on youtube, blogger, friendsreunited..

Not to mention msn, yahoo and fring for im… Add to this my mobile, countless email accounts, skype..

My blog.. personal website, polysonic, positive link and others.. Enough already!

I’ll update all these to links when i’m next on my pc (geek i know, i’m blogging on my mobile). The worlds gone social network mad!

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