the death by dessert challenge

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the death by dessert challenge

Whilst shopping in Tesco earlier, I was really tempted to buy some raspberry cheesecake… to try n disuade me my flat mate pointed out that the one I was looking at contained 56% of my reccomended daily amount of saturated fat per slice… wow… that sucks, I had 2 of them on one day last week so I guess my arteries are screwed! (112% in one hit… oops)

Surely, there couldn’t be much worse than that?

Chocolate Cheesecake is a mere 48%… how is it less than raspberry? that seems to defy logic… and then my eyes noticed a beast lurking, innocently fruity looking…

…the Blueberry cheesecake was a whopping 82% rda-sf per slice!!!

We have a winner… surely nothing can be higher than that…

or can it…

damn… now its a game, I must find a dessert (or other product) nearer to 100%…

Curry… the worst was about 40%… booo… hmmm… and then I saw a choclate sundae with a heart stopping 154% rda-sf per serving… the daddy… surely nothing is higher…

but wait….

…a shelf higher… barely the size of a single ice cream cone it looks innocent enough… its true nature is unearthed, a godzilla sized 172% rda-sf per serving Tesco Finest (artery killing) Toffee Sundae –

Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae

…surely a dessert that dangerous must be beyond delicious… it took every last ounce of will power to walk away.

If you can find a dessert (or any food item) that beats this Godzilla, send me a pic or leave a comment… a giant piece of broccoli to the winner!



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