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modern culture

What was your first reaction at seeing the London 2012 logo unveiled today?

London 2012 Olympic Logo

I thought… “hmmm, its ok I guess, reckon the 80’s retro look will seem dated in 5 years though, I’d of gone with something less trendy…”

Most people’s seem to be… well… moaning. Why is that? Is it really that bad? Or is it just a cultural thing to whinge first, think later? Hmmm… I reckon there’s a big element of that.

On a slight tangent… has it always been this hard to organise people? My favourite saying applies again.. “organising people is like herding cats”…

I’m sure the internet and mobiles (more mobiles though) have made us all RUBBISH at organising ourselves, we no longer care if we’ll be late, we can txt or phone at a moments notice to change/cancel plans… is that actually a good thing though? I dunno.

People talk about a lack of respect in society, does that come from technology? We grew up without the same high pace rapdily evolving world around us and as such we showed more respect by turning up for things on time and more than that, did it stop parents breaking promises to children by being there that bit more reliably? I think i’ve extrapolated this thought too far… back to tidying the flat…

UPDATE: I’m loving the comparisons to the old Tizwas logo 🙂



  1. Don’t know what all the fuss is about! Looks like some drunk doing the dance to Walk like an Egyptian personally…

  2. It’s a huge waste of £400,000 and a year. I hate it but the 50 athletics fans in this country might get all excited by it.

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