diet, health, health and fitness

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diet, health, health and fitness

(yes I did mean to put health twice.. it’ll make sense shortly..)

Diet – I’ve changed my diet in in the last month or so, in line with training. More protein (lean), almost zero processed food, only 1 sweet thing a day (which is well hard for a sweet tooth like me) and bigger breakfasts… plus I’m now drinking green earl grey tea, which is way nice. Hmmm… bugger, I’m almost sounding old n sensible… quick, better go out n punish my liver…

Health (sexual) – It’s national condom week this week, so remember to carry one on you when you go out in case you get lucky… if nothing else, to hold 14 pints of beer in. No really… I got an email yesterday about the Condom Essential Wear program, as we’ll be talking about it on FIRE… apparently you can fit 14 pints in one… say what?? There’s a big part of me that wants to try that… but it seems a waste of beer and well, I wouldn’t drink it afterwards… seriosuly though “carrying a condom is as essential as carrying a mobile phone, a wallet/purse or a lip gloss!” and I never leave home without lip gloss, ever.

(dental) – woooo! A minor private victory, but for the first time in ages I got the thumbs up from the dentist… she even seemed impressed and… no fillings or anything! For those of you unaware of the history… I had issues a few years back getting a dentist that resulted in me pulling my own tooth out… anyway, all groovy now!

Fitness – Yesterday I hit and exceeded my training target again, swimming a cool 100 lengths (2500m = roughly 1.6 miles) in just over an hour (67mins but who’s counting) YEAH BABY! I did have zero energy for the rest of the day but I’m very pleased to of passed the magic 96 lengths mark (the distance of the actual pier to pier swim).

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  1. Thanks for the L2b cash. I’ve sponsored you back, so everyones a winner. I will be beating Simon to Brighton.

  2. Would it be too obvious to suggest trying the condom thing with water and not beer, that way your not wasting valuable alcohol, and I think it’s fair to say a pint is the same size no matter what it’s made of.

  3. well that seals it I’m defo not sponsoring you now!

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