some changes to my online persona

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some changes to my online persona

I’ve reached an important decision… I’m merging all my online presenceseses together… kinda.
Luke Williams internet consultant and life coach portal will become a portal to:

– – my blog, duuuh, you know that you’re reading it now!
– – hmmm… not 100% sure yet… but it’ll continue to host my mixes
– an online portfolio of design work and web projects
– – gig dates n stuff
– linkedIN – online business portfolio/networking
– positivelink – my life coaching
– – a link to my presenter page + listen live

at the moment, there’s seperation between a lot of bits… some link to others, design/cv ( is VERY seperate to music and to an extent coaching… def. to this blog, well its time to just say “you know what, this is ALL me”.

Luke the radio & club DJ
Luke the webgeek
Luke the Life Coach
Luke Williams

so there’ll be some changes here too, more things to the right >>> ooohhh look shiny new buttons >>>

< << I'm also close to finishing coding aLUKEonLIFE v3.2 which will include... drum roll please... snippets from all the other blogs listed to the left <<< for the geeks, it'll pull the first post from each RSS feed... cunning eh? I've not done this before for a number of reasons, but I think now I'm pushing the coaching more I want to show off all the things I do that make me special. (My mum tells me I'm special :D)

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  1. Hey Luke the webgeek! When is my project going to be done 🙁

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