ouch #2

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Not on the same level as Ouch #1 this week but.. damn it… all this exercise is going to be the death of me!

I’ve stepped up to the next level of training for my Pier to Pier swim (Ben, no it’s nothing to do with file sharing or DRM)… most of its ok but noodly-damn I’m feeling the sit ups!! I’m hoping there comes a part where I’m just suddenly fitter and I don’t ache for 2 days after a serious session… my flat mate had a good idea… I need a hot single girl to rub me down… applications via email to… 😀

In other news… 2 more working days to go till it all changes… wooooo! I can’t wait. I’ve gone through stages with this change in work… (kinda like one of my favourite simpsons clips)

– first was denial it’ll be ok, it’s weeks till I finish I’ll worry about it then…
– second was anger what did you do that for??
– after that came fear oh no, what’ve I done!?
– then bargaining maybe if I ask them nicely I can still take that job…
– Finally acceptance ah well, I’ve done it now… onwards n upwards!

The weekend approaches!!! Show then 60 brilliant queens-guards (to see the B’day girl Charlotte spinnin’ some randomness!) on Thursday… Ricky Gervais @ the BIC then playing at Toko on Friday… Saturday… Hed Kandi till 1ish then playing after Adam “who ate my Pastie” L at Toko till 6am… look out world, Vicki Devine’s out with me on Saturday… ut oh… bye bye liver!

PS for those of you that don’t know the Simpson’s quote – from the blowfish episode:

Hibbert: Now, a little death anxiety is normal. You can expect to go through five stages. The first is denial.
Homer: No way! Because I’m not dying!
Hibbert: The second is anger.
Homer: Why you little!
Hibbert: After that comes fear.
Homer: What’s after fear? What’s after fear?
Hibbert: Bargaining.
Homer: Doc, you gotta get me out of this! I’ll make it worth your while!
Hibbert: Finally, acceptance.
Homer: Well, we all gotta go sometime.
Hibbert: Mr. Simpson, your progress astounds me

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