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Ever have one of those things happen, which is funny… then really NOT funny and actually quite serious… then on reflection probably quite funny again?

Last night, I’m out for a couple of drinks with some good friends, it’s mildly amusing when I end up chatting to a Pete Docherty lookalike and people keep asking to have photos with him…

not pete d

…it gets to 230am, we’re headed off to another bar for one, planning to end the night about 3… and then my friend, who I have to add is a risk assessment manager for a large organisation… decides to exit the club by sliding down the bannister on the stairs…

he landed on his arse…

seemed quite funny till we saw his wrist..


…his hand and arm now form a kind of z shape

..he’s now in Poole Hospital waiting to hear if it needs re-breaking/surgery.

dude, get well soon, I hope you can see the funny side soon!

UPDATE… if you want to… there’s a photo and xray..


Click >>>

wrist oops



  1. that’s twisted dude

  2. Oh dear, oh dear. Never a quite night with Si !

  3. Now that’s an advert for ‘Drink Aware’ if ever I saw one!

  4. Thats gotta hurt! 🙂

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