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well almost.

I know some of you have wondered in the past if I’d ever finish learning stuff before I started positive link properly, I always felt that I didn’t know enough to give it a fair go… partly, yes it was fear of jumping into an unknown… but for me, I always felt there were questions I needed answered, things I wanted to know before I could give it a go… and yes it took longer than i first thought to find those answers.

When I did the Dip SLC (Life coaching) course… you might of expected me to be ready, i felt I needed to know more… some people would of been happy with a Prac. NLP certificate… not me.. but as I near the end of the pre-study for the MPrac NLP course (and the APrac CMT) I can finally say… THIS IS IT.

I feel I have the answers that I needed now, to of started sooner would not of been right for me, or any clients I took on. So, I find myself in a lovely hot place, nearing the end of the pre-study (100hrs? pah…) and planning my next steps and I’m excited about where the next year or so will take me.

(I should add here that I don’t think I know the answers to everything, thats not what I mean, just that I have the knowledge I need to take the next step – I’ll never stop learning)

Right, thats enough for today… back to poolside for me, to plan some more and top up my “tan”… I’ll post photos upon my return and you can decide on that one!

Adios amigos!

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