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It’s gone midnight, I’m pretty tired and I still have some work to do… I started today at 7am following my London adventure this weekend (more on that in a bit)… and I know I have to start it all over again tomorrow at 7… but you know what, I’m really happy.

I’ve just flicked through a load of photo’s from the last few years and I found myself thinking, how lucky I am. Then I realised… I’m not lucky… I don’t believe in luck… which made me think, I’m thankful for what I’ve done, the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met… but not lucky and I must not slack off now!

The next 4 weeks is crunch time.

In the next 2 weeks I have

6 DJ gigs totalling 32hrs
10 days of “normal work” to do = 70hrs
a project to finish by Friday = 5hrs-ish

= 107hrs of work by 4th Feb – a mere 53.5 per week… doddle!

Although, I do need to fit in some study, buy some furniture, sort the flat out, re-edit a load of tunes for 2manygenres (this Friday @ Dusk), meet up with 2 clients, refresh my spanish and sleep… hopefully…

Good thing I’m off on holiday after that… scarily, thats a fairly average week at the moment and you know what, I wouldn’t change a thing.

…well a couple of things… but the planning of the next stage can wait till the holiday!

Which reminds me… the very talented artist Ms Kelly Barnes has decided to accompany me on holiday for a weeks RnR… winner! (And having accepted my conditions that we do absolutely nothing all week!)

Friday – Union @ Dusk till Dawn :: Saturday – funk dungeon @ Toko

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