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I’m sad. Not in the “weep weep, my life sucks way”, no sad as in a bit of a loser at times.. I have this game, which yielded my best result EVER by such a margin I think it’s time to lay down the gauntlet to others…

so first allow me to explain the game…

Mobile phones have a thing called predictive text… you know, you type the number keys and it tries to work out what word you wanted… damn clever n fast once you get your head round it…

picture the scene, I’d had a few drinks and was sat on a bus home… I’m trying to type a word… but bugger it, I can’t spell it and I do that fighting the dictionary thing where you try n get the word you meant… but I can’t, however the phone decides to offer some ridiculous looking word, i think, cool, I’ll send that, they’ll know what it means. Er no. So I try again to spell the word, although my brain is now running at an even lower level… next thing I realise I have this long jibberish looking word on my phone, I think to myself “that can’t be a real word??” but it’s in the dictionary (according to the phone) and who am I to argue with it?

Now, whenever I can’t spell a word and it offers some jibberish, I see how long I can make the word by trying other possible letters… prohif… abc, YES – Prohifa… abc again, YES – prohifac… abc 3 times? No, BEEP… damn… ok mno? YES …score! prohifacm… you get the idea right? Prohifacminsjodiabaiqlyzzed is a word according to my phone. no really, it is.

I thought that one would never be beaten.. until yesterday… BEST PREDICTIVE JIBBERISH WORD EVER!!! According to my phone hugobsasarangstyiailsansyadoitiz is a word… What an awesome word!!!

Ok, so now you all think I’m weird… until you next mis-spell a word.. and find you’re playing the game… then you’ll be hooked… you have been warned!


  1. What in G-d’s name are you jabbering about?

  2. Aha pity that I have a Sony Ericsson as it doesn’t allow words longer than 12 digits when writing random stuff. Must get a Nokia…

  3. SNAP! I just got ‘Alksebew – agueltstsux – adnisltnebsaf’

    Took longer to find this old post though!

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