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1) Smarties contain beetroot juice. Say what?? Seriously, pick up a pack n check it out!

This got me thinking… I collected every single letter in the Smartie alphabet, except u… which they sent to me with the BEST customer service letter I ever received “we find the CHILDREN OF ALL AGES like to collect the lids for all sorts of reasons, find enclosed a letter U for your collection” (Nestle’s use of caps, not mine!) Not that I would ever sell them, but what are they worth now that smarties come in weird cardboard hexagonal things?

2) I’m too big for passport photo booths
, I tried… drum roll… SIX times and still didn’t get one I could use, solution? Photo shop that takes it for you, winner!

3) Pluto is now considered a verb, meaning to be demoted. i.e. that guy just got plutoed. Yes… I’ve heard loads of people using it… ?

That’s all I’ve learnt so far this week, well, I learnt some NLP stuff in preparation for doing my M.Prac. course but thats not easy to write on here… which reminds me, another ambition of mine nears completion… to have more letters after my name than in it! Woop woop!

‘007 really is shaping up to be the year I thought it would be: the cashflow is reversed (more coming in than going out)… I have 2 holidays planned (Canary islands + Oz).. I’ve started on the course I’ve wanted to do for years… lodger situation is resolved (Carla’s working out groovy)… fitness is improving (HINT – SPONSOR ME >>>>)

Anyway, waffling (it’s 1:24am) = time for bed. Adios amigos!

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