things I have learned in the last week or so

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1) size 11 trainers have a genetic condition which prevents them from being in the january sales

2) watching an 80+ year old grandmother “tap” a chocolate orange with a big hammer is amusing

3) the Castlepoint shopping centre was actually a typo, it was supposed to be called Cattlepoint in honour of the braindead cattle who frequent the place

4) I am a snob (see 3)

WARNING the next one may upset some people

5) the littlest hobo never found his way home, he died at the end of the third series

6) someone I’ve known for ages lied to me (I won’t name n shame here)… the littlest hobo ran for 6 series and, whilst he never found his way home, he was not killed off (phew)

7) I have “matured well” (am I a feckin wine?) – 2 entirely random encounters with people I haven’t seen for ages resulted in me being told that i am now “much fitter than before, but somehow no older looking” and “you look great, you’ve got better looking with age”… made me laugh anyway… so it’s official, I’m now hot stuff! hahaha

8) in large book stores, “Adult books” does NOT mean the same thing as “Adults books” in WHSmith

9) Christmas cheese is Wensleydale and Cranberry

10) Steve Irwin discovered a new species of turtle, now known as “Irwin’s turtle” – cool eh?

thats all for 2006 (probably) I’m playing Toko for NYE, come down say hello, free entry… open till 6am – woooooooooo!

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