i like opera

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nope not the singing kind.. and I’m sure Mark/Rich/Matt someone will pipe up n say something like, oh that’s so last year… but the mobile internet browser.

Installed opera mini onto my Nokia N70 and it is a beauty! I can’t believe how much better it runs, some incredibly good features (like using RSS feeds straight into the browser and the use of the joystick to jump a page at a time to save you scrolling down for hours – one of my pet hates with mobile internet)

bugger it. my phone bills going upwards.. still this will keep me amused while I patiently await my new toy – the Nokia N95 on Three (hats off to them for FINALLY doing a proper data tariff on a mobile internet handset – the 3 X series – think broadband, pay once no per MB bill, has skype, messenger and loads of other cool software pre-installed)

it’s not often I get excited about software (gadgets, yes… ok) but seriously, install this on your phone! It works with most decent phones (ones that have cameras and mobile internet), browse to mini.opera.com and then follow the steps to download and install.

hint: ignore US english, there is a proper UK english

Took me 2mins to install and setup, on both a Nokia N70 and a Rim Blackberry… why was I doing this? I needed to find a way to get hotmail onto a Blackberry at work… seemed a good excuse to use work time “testing” on my mobile first! Woop!

If anyone’s around, I’m playing Toko friday and Revolution in Reading on sat. Ciao.

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