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Posted by on December 4, 2006 in general thoughts | 3 comments

5 points for this one..

Why does everything have “serving suggestion” on it?

I bought some mince pies, and there is a photo of them on a plate, with a sprig of holly… ah nice n christmassy image… why does it have to have serving suggestion plastered across it?

Surely this can’t be as simple as covering any potential lawsuits??

“My mince pies didn’t come with a sprig of holly… I demand compensation!”
“I’m terribly sorry sir, but it says serving suggestion so tough titties matey!”

Ok, this is just silly… I think someone somewhere is havin a laugh… the jar of beetroot I have in my fridge… says serving suggestion on the label… it’s a jar!!! I can see the fecking product inside! Maybe the mince pies is more understandable.. but this is a jar, you can clearly see the beetroot inside!!!!


  1. Check out this for some more serving suggestions !

  2. What is mince anyway? I’ve always thought it was a bit mysterious and gross – meat and spices?

  3. Yeah it’s even worse when there is a bite missing too. I wouldn’t serve the product with a serving suggestion.

    I find with most products, their suggestion seems to be teamed up with another product of theirs, or some awful crap that no-one would eat!

    Please send the holly to my address though, or else I will sue you.

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