A quicky for the weekend

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A quicky for the weekend

Ok, I know this blog is in danger of turning into Luke’s comedy picture gallery… but, when I saw this I had to share it with the world!

It’s a group of clubbers, who found themselves in an art gallery after a night out:


Weekend manoeuvres –

Friday – UNION @ dusk till dawn
:: John Askew + Tim Lyall + Dav Gomrass in rm1
:: Luke Dubyah (2manygenres set 10-1) + CHAP in rm2

Friday (later!) – Dirt Dungeon @ Toko
:: Adam L + Luke Dubyah (1-6am)

Saturday – Bright Young Things @ Fruit
:: Luke Dubyah + Berno Watson

Ut oh… Vicky Devine is down for saturday too… CARNAGE!!

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