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What?? …Did I miss something???

Since when were tornados and twisters a feature of UK weather??

They’ve even issued a Tornado warning… we have a Tornado warning centre???

Am I losing the plot or until last year… had there been like ZERO tornado/twister things in the UK?

UK Twister

It’s ok kids, remember, George Bush says the planet is fine… Carbon Emissions are NOT a problem and Global Warming certainly isn’t real…


  1. Errrrm, don’t we get tornadoes quite frequently down here by Hurn Airport (sorry….I mean ‘Bournemouth International’)? & Didn’t part of Birmingham get desimated a couple of years ago by one….I don’t think this is anyting new…..It’s just getting more publicity!

  2. Luke hate to break this to u but the UK has the most tornados anywhere in the world!!! Its just we dont do it on quite a large scale as the USA does!!!

    Bloody americans always have to go bigger!!!

  3. Since when??? Can you honestly tell me that you remember hearing of twisters n stuff in the UK before say 3 years ago?

    I can’t.

    one of my earliest memories is seeing a tree get struck by lightning when I was really young.

    As a kid I used to love watching the weather, my dad worked as a power engineer who was often on call, so it was a big part of my formative years – the hurricane of 87ish overtime got us a cool new tv and video!

    PS The Brum twister was in the draft of this… not sure what I did there.

  4. What about hurricane Fish back in the 80s (or was that the early 90s?)!!

  5. I think what Stu meant was that we have the most tornadoes per land unit in the world. Not the most in terms of numbers. Obviously larger countries such as the USA have plenty more!

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