the extra mile

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I’ve realised today that I’m in danger of burn out, I’ve been pushing extra hard these last couple of months to make real lasting change in my life… and… whilst it is really starting to take shape, I need to make some more changes to re-balance a few things so I can survive that last extra mile:

1: time with friends and family
I’ve been pretty crap recently, if you haven’t been at one of my gigs or out on one of my rare nights off – chances are you’ve not seen me for a while. Sorry.

2: no more design work
It’s been hard fitting in a day job, design work, coaching stuff, the radio show and my gigs. So, I’ve decided I’m not doing any more design work.

Financially, I’ve turned the corner now with the mess I was in (thanks in part to the on-going flat RTM issues) – I have more coming in than going out now, woooo!

It’s time to increase my focus on longer term goals, if jobs come up that are financially ridiculous to turn down then obviously I’ll take it… if you have a site hosted by me already, it’s going no-where I’ll still maintain it as required, don’t worry.

3: clutter
I’m drowning in clutter! If you combine the lack of storage in this flat with my in-ability to throw things away… you get clutter.

All those little projects… bits for ebay… a box of car boot stuff (its a long way to the summer Luke!).. are headed for the Samaritans shop up the road.

Filing – I’ve kept everything for years, for gods sake, do I need nearly 10 years of orange phone bills? PAYE slips from when I was a student? Nope…. shred shred… bye bye!!

4: culture
Last week I attended bomo-creatives, a group who’s aim is to move Bournemouth away from the cultural desert – originally i went out of curiosity with my friend (and talented artist) but now I have an idea for combining 2 ideas I’ve had lingering… watch this space!

Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!! I’ve got my raaaaaa back!!! Hooray for blogging as therapy!

In other news – Stu’s bday on Fri (playing at Toko) and Maison 9th Birthday – this weekend should be good… not forgetting my sister is down with her new fella who I haven’t met yet… dum dum duuuh!

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