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Posted by on November 14, 2006 in general thoughts | 2 comments

The more observant of you will notice the shiny new addition to the right hand side – recommended reading!!! ooooohhhhh….

There’s about 15 at the moment and I’ve added a comment for each one to explain what I think is great about it or what I got out of it.

but… Why?

…well, for a few reasons really:

1) People are always asking me to recommend books

2) I was compiling a list of my suggested books for the Positive Link project anyway

3) Must be about time I had some sort of income from this damned site! As adverts go its pretty un-obtrusive I reckon! (in case you hadn’t realised it’s an amazon affiliate link)

and last but by no means modestly least

4) To dispell the myth that I am an uber genius… sadly, I’m not, I just read a lot, you could too!


UPDATE: I just worked out how to list them all onto 1 page, so if you want to see them all there’s now a link on the left… cunningly called.. recommended reading!


  1. By the way mate, sorry to be a pedant, but with regard to your reading list the Tony Buzzan one- “without this book I would of failed my degree” Should read- would have, not would of! Sorry, must be the teacher in me… Thanks, I feel better now! Em x

  2. Em’s off the board! 3pts. PS I was tired by the time I wrote those.

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