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Posted by on November 1, 2006 in general thoughts | 6 comments

I dunno, I couldn’t think of a title today that didn’t sound crap and it was on sky while I flicked through hoping for Simpsons… I don’t even like star trek… well… nevermind.


Thats how I feel right now. This post is being written at 100miles an hour so it’ll probably be full of typo’s n stuff, i make no apologies for that, i have to get this out.

* NO MORE will I play myself down in a place of work, it’s not a popularity contest, if me being smart, productive and motivated makes you nervous or resentfull that is YOUR problem, not mine.

* NO MORE will I play down all the things I do to people I meet… you can all know about all of it, to use my favourite Shane saying (which I love by the way shane and I’m now hereby stealing!): “I am, after all, me”

* NO MORE will I settle for my goals, “oh I want to have a company at some point and bla bla…” I have a new aim: To experience more in each year than most people do in their lifetimes

* NO MORE will I let people sap my strength or soul, I’ll always be there for my friends but I’ll always be honest with you… if you can’t handle that honesty, again… not my problem!

* NO MORE will I hold back on opinions, this is me, I think religion is killing our planet! I’m coming out of the closet as an evangelical atheist! (Is that an oxymoron? oooh how exciting if it is!) more on this one later… or tomorrow maybe, but soon I promise.

Fecking Raaaaaaaaaaaaa!

PS I’m playing every FRIDAY @ TOKO now, come down, dance your ass off!


  1. Hello mate!

    Do these input boxes support HTML? I tried to embed an image into Mateo’s blog but it didn’t work…

  2. kinda… they allow select tags only: strong em and href

  3. Is there something wrong with that link ?

  4. dunno what happened there… works now

  5. That’s gotta be worth a few points !!!

  6. You go girl! You got a new attitude Ms. LaBelle!!!!

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