coach… coach thyself!

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This week, I’m going to use one of the techniques that I often use with clients on myself… a time diary.

It hit me that I need to keep a time diary when I entertained (I still am actually) the idea of hiring a cleaner to help me keep on top of the flat! My time is decreasing… so I started to weigh up wether my time n money is more effectively spent by hiring someone to get this flat back up to scratch… It takes me AGES and I’m not good at it! …hmmm…

How does a Time Diary work anyway? In 15min chunks I’m going to note down, what I spend my time on so I can total up my time and analyse it the way I would if it was someone elses life. Then it got me thinking…

Why the flippin heck, do I not coach myself more often!?

I have a great number of tools that I could use to sort my own life out more effectively but I don’t use them all… or do I?

It’s not easy to coach yourself, to analyse your own situation objectively and work out what to do next… that was one of the original ideas behind this blog… to be able to write things n then come back to it as a third party.

Anyway, onwards to an exciting time ahead.. but apologies in advance if I seem to vanish of the planet for the next 2 weeks or so… what with the new job… then fri-mon I’m at an event in London to see some motivational speakers (big thanks to everyone who chipped in)… 2 radio shows then a club launch on the friday (LIVE on FIRE 10-1), then spinning tunes with Fingerlickin at the BIC for the freshers ball AND at the opera house with Booka Shade!!

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