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should he apologise for his use of a quote? No I don’t think he should, it was a quote thats been taken out of context.

My question would be: what message do you think it sends out to the world when you say “no, we’re not a violent religion” and then to prove it you threaten violence against all italians, burn effigies, riot (EDITED TO ADD -) and firebomb 2 churches… yeah… um… good way to prove the point guys.

ok, I’m sorry, I do really try to be respectfull to everyones beliefs but some things are just ridiculous. You can’t paraphrase someone radically out of context and then demand they apologise for it, thats insane!

While we’re on the subject… assuming there was a supreme being who was a creator of all things, he or she would be quite content with making everything in a few million years… so don’t give me any of that intelligent design or creationism stuff either… its just not science, ok? Logic really – If you lived for a few million years… those 50,000 or so to develop humans must seem like a day, so don’t take it literally please.

Finally… when will we evolve fully? Most people would agree we’ve progressed from primitive man, who didn’t understand the world and created simple religion to make sense of it all… don’t you think as a speices we’re kinda past that now? Sure we have some mysteries unsolved but come on!

Well, thats me for tonight, I apologise in advance if any of you find these remarks offensive… or do I?? Maybe I don’t?


  1. I don’t think you’re showing insensitivity or being disrespectful to Islam by speaking the truth about the religion. Muslims call Islam the religion of “peace.” Have you ever seen it?

  2. Well as usual I think you have hit the nail on the head my old china! But as I have been told by a good many so called experts it all depends on how you interpret the text of the Koran or how ever you spell it!!

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