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Posted by on September 16, 2006 in general thoughts | 5 comments

I’ve added a couple of new links on the left today folks, firstly: POINTS WIN PRIZES!

Basically a contest for anyone to enter where I’ll be awarding points for things… 2 weeks before christmas, I’ll be awarding a prize (tba) – simple really!

Second, I’d like to welcome Mr “big” Dave Lythgoe to the blogosphere, Dave was a housemate of mine whilst I was at Bournemouth Uni all those years ago, he’s outsourced himself to India for a while… or something…

and last but not least…


My sister Ruth wants me to build her a blog, cool! Only problem is, she hasn’t got a name for it yet… 10 points for the winning name… 5 points if you give me an idea that leads to the winning one… Ruth to judge… entries via comments below!


  1. First attempt at getting some points and hopefully a prize from Luke!!

    Blog Name:

    Thank StRuth for that

    Ruthlessly yours


    The real TRuth

  2. a ruth over my head?
    a ruth on life!

  3. Blast from the past that is.. I remember Big Dave..

  4. Do you still need a link to the transformers trailer… ?

  5. no ta, that was an example of things I might award points for.

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