life changes

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life changes

A new aLUKEonLIFE to mark a new chapter for me.

the sky in bournemouth

I’ve been de-cluttering everything. These last few weeks I worked so many hours the flat has fallen into dis-array along with my life – I’m not suprised I’ve been un-productive at home when it’s in utter chaos!

You’ll notice I’ve thinned out all the crap from here, if you could see my PC you’d see I’ve done the same there… and my flat is in the process of being sorted…

Spent an hour on the beach sunday, reviewing the bigger plan and re-focussing on where I’m headed now:

1) The moving house thing has to go on hold. I’d be much better served right now to forget about this and get on with Positive Link and/or a job.

2) Positive Link, I’ve almost finished writing the site and brochures for my coaching and the courses I’ll be running… you see something I’d forgotten (which I first got from a book by Terry Allen, I think?) is to sell your product/service BEFORE you have it… simple + effective – when you get orders, then worry about making it!

3) I need to budget – this is a tough one for me, I’m so used to having a variable income that I’ve never really sat down n worked out (at least not since I first got my mortgage) how much I spend a month on what… and therefore, how much I need to earn!

4) Music stuff – focus on doing the show, good gigs and well paid gigs. No mates nights, no promoting, no producing, no re-editing (for a bit anyway).

5) Going out… hmmm… kinda a toughy, see in theory I’d stop going out… but that makes it harder to do #4 as you have to network… so after windfest I’m giving up alcohol till christmas/NYE… dum dum duuuuuh!!!!

6) Health stuff – actually been doing well on this one, had a lot of hours on the bike recently and in the sea (swimming/surfing)… as the weather declines back to the pool to train up for next years big swim. (I’m 100% doing the pier to pier next year)

7) Holidays – Oz… next year… date TBC

one final note: WINDFEST / FIRE / CRIMINAL beach party this thurs… if you wanna come, I need to know ASAP!!!


  1. You wanted some feedback: I’d move the watermark on the left over to the right as it makes your navigation slightly difficult to read.

  2. noted. i’m still experimenting with that… you might notice the color/thickness or position change… hmmm

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