the beeb goes gorilla

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the beeb goes gorilla

Call me a skeptic… but it’s just too convenient a news story that tapes for the new series of Robin Hood were stolen in advance of it’s launch.

Hands up who even knew about this series before the story broke??


Think back to Doctor Who… how did that get a lot of publicity… oh hold on… an episode got “leaked” onto the intenet


Me thinks not

Cleverish gorilla marketing to build hype?

Me thinks so

the BBC gorilla

Bugger… it worked too… damn them!

Although if I’d known it was in production, I’d of probably got all excited anyway.

Robin Hood, King Arthur and Superman are probably my favourite childhood heros/legends… Lucas finally made Star Wars Episodes 1-3… now all we need is someone to make a Transformer movie and I’m happy as Larry…

(yes I know, it’s in production… how cool is that going to be????)


  1. Luke i’d known about the new robin hood production for about a month now!

    And the new transformer movie does look REALLY cool, there are short trailers going around now. ALSO a new teenage mutant ninja turtles film is being made!!

    Get the thought that now our generation is getting older, some now have kids so all our childhood heros are being remade so we’ll drag the family along!!

    Well for some of us anyway! 😉

  2. The new trailer for turtles looks awesome ! I hope its a dark film.

  3. Oooohhh yes!! I soiled my trousers when I watched this Transformers Trailer

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